Hoogheemraadschap Rijnland
OAR 11, 12, 13 : 1253 - 1564
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1434.05.00 Testimony in a dispute taken by heemraad Meynert Claeszoon concerning the priest Jan Allertsz. of Spaarnwoude who was charged with using more land for the church than he was authorized to use. In early 1430, priest Jan and associates had agreed to rebuild the badly damaged Kerkendijk at Spaarnwoude.


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  ysbrant claeszoon  
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1528.10.22 Settlement of dispute between Waddinxveen, Broek, Tuylnesse and Korterakkeren vs. Coenencoop over building of windmills and horse mills in Coenencoop.


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  ysbrant de cuyper  
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1448.07.04 Permission for Ysebrant de Cuyper and associates to put a footbridge over the Vliet bij Dirck Yscax's place


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  ysbrant janszoon  
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1460.05.06 Hoogheemraden order those responsible for keeping livestock from the Spaarndammerdijk (the sea dike running from Spaarndam to Amsterdam) to appear before them and declare openly what they have done with respect to enforcing the grazing prohibition and that they will enforce the prohibition by fining those who disobey and keep the turnstiles that prevent access in good working order.


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  ysbrant mertijn  
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1426.00.00 Testimony taken in inquest done at Lisse into the matter of water being allowed to drain into Rijnland because several had dug through a dune at the request of the houtvesters -- possibly to relieve flooding.


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  ysbrant symonszoon  
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1458.03.14 Specifications for the reconstruction of the Alkmade [Oegstgeest, Lisse, Voorhout, Vennep, and Splinters Ambacht] sluice, to be completed by St. Bartholomew's day (25 August). Adriaen Ghysbrecht and Engebrecht Pieterszoon took on the contract for 685 lb., with Gerijt Rijswijck, Willem vander Does, Florijs Janszoon van Tol, and Ysbrant Symonszoon standing as surety for them, with Zeger Staeszoon as carpenter.



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